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Get a great Education

  • Make sure that the education you are receiving is going to be respected among your colleagues. Also, the more educated you are about real estate, the more clients you will obtain. Once you begin to receive clients, more and more listings will start rolling in, along with more money.

Obtain your license

  • Once you have graduated, you need to get your license. Make sure you follow the correct requirements for the state you will be practicing in. Each state is different, so you must make sure you pay great attention to these details.

Save Money to get Started

  • In real estate, the money is strictly commission based, so make sure you put enough money away before you begin your career in real estate. There
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When you're in the market to sell your home, it's important to know different tips on how to brighten up your home and make it more inviting to your potential buyers. It is often said that the color of your rooms reflect on what kind of person one is. If you're home is feeling a little dull and drab, here are a few tips on making it brighter and lighter!

Lighting Tip and Tricks

  • Open your shades! Many homeowners are often nervous about exposing their lives to the outside world but with a little bravery, nothing does better to lighten your home than opening those blinds. Use natural light as much and often as possible, try not to rely on artificial lighting. The sun should serve as the majority of your indoor lighting. If you do use artificial
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It can be a difficult choice deciding whether to rent or buy a home. Overall, I believe that it is far more valuable to buy a home. Some people do not know the advantages of buying a home over renting a home. There are many different reasons as to why that is. Below, I have identified 8 different advantages of buying a home over renting one.

Feeling Secure

When you own a home, you have a sense of security knowing that you are the only ones with the keys. Your home is a safeguard against inflation.


You are acquiring a major possession over time by paying your mortgage. Instead of renting, you get to feel a little closer to owning your home each time you make a payment. The permanent improvements that are made on your home enhance

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2013 has shown to be a promising year. With real estate movements up, demand is starting to finally catch up with the supply and there have been significantly fewer distressed properties weighing down the real estate system. The real estate market is beginning to thaw out so with a new year upon us, here are some real estate tips for 2013.

Stop Waiting

For those good credit buyers who are currently waiting for the bottom of the market, heads up, it's already passed. But the good news is that home and interest prices are still very low. For sellers who are currently waiting for market improvements, it's here! So if possible, get ready to jump back into the game. The rules have changed though. Lenders are currently wanting buyers to put a little more

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Choosing a Realtor to sell your house is a hard process. You cannot tell whether he or she will sell your house right away, but you can take precautions to make sure you are not settling for the wrong Realtor. Below, I have listed several tips to follow when choosing a Realtor.

Friendship is not enough
Even though you may want to give your friend a break, it is not going to be enough if they have not established professional credentials. Make sure you have high standards for your selection process. If they are a good enough friend, they will understand that you are making a professional decision and you need to explore your options.

Do not move too fast
People often make the mistake of settling on a Realtor immediately. This normally happens when they

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About two years ago we had a huge six bedroom four bath house that met our needs well with three teenagers and a constant flow of their friends visiting etc.  We loved our big house with mountain views, finished basement and large yard and felt very comfortable there with plenty of friends in the neighborhood.  We realized looking ahead that our housing and financial needs would change in coming years and began to make plans for a transition.  Those plans anticipated an increase in expenses as our children entered college along with a decreased need of housing space as they moved out.  We now live comfortably in a three bedroom three bath home about half the total size we once had and couldn't be happier.

Is your home the right size for you?

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1. And the number one reason...You're ready to sell your home!

It's no secret... now is a good time to sell. As home buyers take advantage of interest rates that are at an all-time low, inventory is also low and homes in the area are selling fast.

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It's no surprise that updated homes sell faster and for a higher price. However, it's difficult to know which home improvements will give you the best bang for your buck. In general, you should start with any structural, mechanical or electrical issues.

Beyond that, focus on aesthetic touches that have broad appeal. Light or neutral-toned paint and new carpet go a long way toward helping potential homeowners feel at home. Replace fluorescent bulbs with 60-watt clear light bulbs. The super-bright bulbs makes rooms appear more spacious.Finally, one of the least expensive things you can do is clear the clutter. Store everything but your nicest furniture and belongings while listing your home. This will help your home look more spacious and has a

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Despite the anticipated seasonal slowdown usually expected toward the end of summer, the home market remains hot, with Metrolist reporting that the average days on market (DOM) is around 65 days. Just think: in a few months from now, your home could have a SOLD sign in the front yard.

With interest rates at an all time low (30-year-fixed as low as 3.5%), you may be able to afford more house now than even a few years ago.

If you're ready to sell, give me a call. I can assist you in marketing and selling your existing property, while helping you look for your next dream home. I have a flexible commission structure and offer reduced commissions when you buy and sell with me. Call me; I would love to get started working for you!

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Picking your Real Estate Agent

With so many real estate agencies on the line today, spotting a fraudulent one can often be difficult, especially if you're dealing with a true conman who knows the industry. In this modern age though, it is becoming easier to stop fakes when it comes to agencies and their representatives. Here are a a few ways to spot a fake and save you your time and money.

No License

Your real estate agent should always be licensed and listed with the appropriate agencies. Check national databases because they should list the broker's private license. If they work for a large company, the corporation also be licensed. Always be wary of fake websites! Many scammers and con-artists know that they have internet savvy customers and

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